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PostHuman Awakening First Edition Game

Game introduction

PostHuman Awakening is a game of nano-scale battle between the Singularity controlled transhumans and the emergence of the PostHumans.

The year is 2042. The United States of America only exists in the memories of the old-timers. The nation was torn apart during the Second Civil War of 2025. New nations were born in the aftermath.

The Singularity has taken control of all the minds in the nation of Silicon Valley. The avatar of The Singularity seeks control of all the minds in the world.

The Singularity controls the minds of Silicon Valley through the deployment of nanobot technology infused in the brains of the people.

These nanobots receive their instructions and sensory information through wireless communications, and then amplify and feed the messages to the people through their brains.

Since the birth of The Singularity in 2032, the consolidation of machine and human consciousness, a few humans have rejected the control of The Singularity.

This small group call themselves “The PostHumans”. They hacked the nanobots to serve the free will of the individual and to decouple from the control frequency reality.

The Posthumans free people from The Singularity by blasting the nanobots with a resonant frequency that reconfigures the molecular geometry of the nanobots into a form that resonates, amplifies and supplements the natural psychic abilities of humans, and frees their minds from the control grid of The Singularity. However, The Singularity signal does not easily give up it’s human hosts.

The PostHuman signal to the nanobots only initiates the nanobots in the right hemisphere of the brain based on the parallel processing attributes of the right brain. Therefore, freedom nanobots must then move from the right brain and influence and reconfigure the nanobots of the left brain through battles of influence at the synaptic level.

The synapses of the brain are the amplification points of the nanobot communications signals.

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